NCO.GEN.135 Documents, manuals and information to be carried

(a) The following documents, manuals and information shall be carried on each flight as originals or copies unless otherwise specified:

(1)  the AFM, or equivalent document(s);

(2)  the original certificate of registration;

(3)  the original certificate of airworthiness (CofA);

(4)  the noise certificate, if applicable;

(5)  the list of specific approvals, if applicable;

(6)  the aircraft radio licence, if applicable;

(7)  the third party liability insurance certificate(s);

(8)  the journey log, or equivalent, for the aircraft;

(9)  details of the filed ATS flight plan, if applicable;

(10)  current and suitable aeronautical charts for the route area of the proposed flight and all routes along which it is reasonable to expect that the flight may be diverted;

(11)  procedures and visual signals information for use by intercepting and intercepted aircraft;

(12)  the MEL or CDL, if applicable; and

(13)  any other documentation that may be pertinent to the flight or is required by the States concerned with the flight.

(b) Notwithstanding (a), on flights:

(1)  intending to take off and land at the same aerodrome/operating site; or

(2)   remaining within a distance or area determined by the CAA,  the documents and information in (a)(2) to (a)(8) may be retained at the aerodrome or operating site.

(c) The pilot-in-command shall make available within a reasonable time of being requested to do so by the CAA, the documentation required to be carried on board.