Aviation Regulation Library

The Aviation Regulation Library contains the up-to-date consolidation of the individual Regulations, Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC), Guidance Material (GM) and, where appropriate, Certification Specifications (CS).

The consolidated material is generally available in two formats. One as a web page version, with individual references to each element of the Regulation, AMC, GM and CS clickable. The other is a .pdf document which allows a scroll through of the Regulation elements with their corresponding AMC, GM and CS presented in sequential order.


Regulation Title UK Reg (EU) reference Link to web page (html) Link to document (pdf)
UK Basic Regulation 2018/1139 Website PDF
Acceptance of third-country certification of pilots 2020/723 Website PDF
Additional Airworthiness 2015/640 Website PDF
Aerodromes 139/2014 Website PDF
Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) 1332/2011 Website PDF
Aircraft Identification (ACID) 1206/2011 Website PDF
Aircrew 1178/2011 Website PDF
Air Operations 965/2012 Website PDF
Air Traffic Controllers' Licensing (ATCO) 2015/340 Website PDF
ATM ANS provision of services 2017/373 Website PDF
ATM Network Function 2019/123 Website PDF
Balloons 2018/395 Website PDF
Continuing Airworthiness 1321/2014 Website PDF
Initial Airworthiness 748/2012 Website PDF
Sailplanes 2018/1976 Website PDF
Standardised Rules of the Air (SERA) 923/2012 Website PDF
Surveillance Performance Interoperability 1207/2011 Website PDF
TCO-Third Country Operators 452/2014 Website PDF
UAS 2019/945 Website PDF
UAS 2019/947 Website PDF


Link to UK CAA Certification Specifications

Link to UK CAA Special Conditions